Commonly encountered Galaxy Note 2 problems and some quick workarounds

Thu, Jan 10, 2013

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It’s a well known fact that the Galaxy Note 2 is an impressive mobile, one that is built to fit with the needs of users who require a significant zing from their handsets.

Essentially a combination smartphone and tablet, Samsung’s Note series has been quite phenomenal, with the Note 2’s capacity for multi-view or multi-window support being one often talked about feature.

But just as impressive as the Galaxy Note 2 is, it has its own set of commonly encountered issues, issues often raised by Galaxy Note 2 users.
Galaxy Note 2 problems
Below are some of those issues, with quick fix solutions that would readily resolve any concerns raised about them.

WiFi Network Connection Issues – When talking about WiFi related issues and the Note 2, different Note 2 users have talked about how slow its connection speeds can be, with some actually confessing that their Note 2 handsets are liable to randomly drop WiFi connections at any time.

When faced with such a problem, a quick “power cycle” – or simply turning one’s device off then on – is heralded to be the best solution, then to head down to the phone’s settings menu and to check if its featured WiFi timer system is activated or not.

Also, certain apps are known to cause WiFi related snags in Android handsets, and looking into the applications installed into one’s handset would greatly help in assessing which app is causing WiFi problems.

Charging Problems – The Note 2 can either be charged via a computer’s USB port or with the use of an AC adapter/charger.

Should either of the two methods not work, the situation could be the result of different factors, from a damaged charger unit to a damaged battery.

Many Note 2 users who’ve experienced the problem confess that cleaning the charging port of their handset resolves their phone’s charging problem, while a number have also confessed that rebooting their handsets fixed its charging problem.

Should your Note 2 function as it should after the “reboot solution”, it is best to bring your handset to an authorized Samsung service center to have it properly checked.

The phone takes more than two hours to charge – Generally, the Note 2’s set charging time is somewhere between two to three hours.

When one’s handset takes longer to charge, ensuring that there are no problems with the charger should be first considered before anything else. Try charging your handset with a different charger and see how long it would take to charge.

Should it remain the same, there’s a chance that there is something wrong with the phone’s battery, and bringing it to an authorized Samsung service center is your best move.

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