LG’s G2: Should Samsung Be Worried?

Thu, Dec 19, 2013


While Samsung’s Galaxy Note series holds a high standing within the ranks of 5-inch sized smartphones, it certainly does have a lot to worry about in one of its competitor’s products; the G2 by LG.


Essentially bearing similar processing specs when compared with the new Galaxy Note 3, the G2’s redefined take on button positions is not the only reason why the world’s mobile market leader has something to be worried about, considering the fact that it actually sports a 5.2 inch sized screen that’s housed in a body that’s comparably as large as the Galaxy Note 3.

Also, the G2’s battery life stands to be one of its more stellar hardware components/features, capable of going beyond the “work day” lifespan battery-charge durations expected from a product of its class.

Other features found on the G2 would be its “Knock On” function, a function that essentially allows its users the option of directly tapping on the smartphone’s screen to call it from standby, as well as put it back on standby.

This “Knock On” function is further made enhanced with its “Anycall Response” feature, which is essentially an auto reply feature that is triggered by positioning the handset to one’s ear.

Though the Note 3 does have its own set of features that win over the G2, the handset – in its entirety – does have a lot to say about the smartphone standards Samsung had set as the world’s leading brand.

Any G2 users out there coming from a Galaxy Note? What do you say? Is it something Samsung should be worried about?

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