The Android-based Ouya or Sony’s new PlayStation 4?

Thu, Feb 21, 2013


2013 is certainly bound to be an interesting year for the gaming industry, given how new game consoles are bound in hit the retail markets by the third quarter of the year.

As you may have heard, Sony recently celebrated the announcement of the new PlayStation 4, an announcement which had been met with a lot of positive responses and high expectations from the product.

PlayStation 4 Revealed
But just as how Sony’s PlayStation 4 is expected to be available by 2013’s holiday season, another game console is expected to hit retail markets by June, the Ouya.

Described to be a relatively affordable game console, the Ouya stands out as the PlayStation 4’s rival, featuring a unique highlight which owners of quality handsets like the Galaxy Note 2 would be sure to like – the game console is actually Android-driven.

As it is no secret that significant changes in mobile gaming have proven to be huge hits in the past couple of years, the upcoming release of the Ouya says something about just what snags dedicated game consoles like the PlayStation 4 would face when it actually goes on sale.

Though the new console is revealed to come with integrated online game title purchasing and game previewing features, this edge is certainly nothing new to the Android platform, with countless Android game titles being digitally delivered to mass electronic consumers this way.

The bottom line is, just as the PlayStation 4 is aimed towards enriching and enhancing gaming standards and experiences, a rival in the Ouya comes in bringing Android gaming experiences to the living room.

Which do you think would win? The Ouya or the PlayStation 4?

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3 Responses to “The Android-based Ouya or Sony’s new PlayStation 4?”

  1. Craig Says:

    I think both will do well. Ouya will be an easy, inexpensive impulse buy. PS4 will offer much deeper premium, almost virtual reality, experiences.


  2. jimmy Says:

    You are clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed if you seriously think this is worth a debate.


  3. admin Says:

    Thanks fro dropping by guys and yes I do agree with you Jim but who knows, your next door neighbor might be contemplating it. :)


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